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Today is the day!  I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!!! My best friend, Sherina, and her boyfriend, Aaron, are coming over and we are going to have an EPIC lobster/crab/shell fish lunch.  I am a huge seafood slut.  Yaaaa  I said it.  But seriously… I don’t understand people who don’t like seafood and frankly, I don’t want to.

My father’s side of the family are French.  My maiden name is Laporte…”the door”.  (I’ve probably heard all the jokes but give it a shot! Haha.)  Anyways, I had always dreamed of going to France and after I married my now husband, Adam, he took me there for our honeymoon. It was incredible!  I loved it!  I practically ate any and all seafood in sight.  It’s true what they say…the key to great cooking is BUTTER!  I plan to put this lesson into use today.

I’ll be posting photos tonight! 

Happy Saturday. 


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Random..but what the heck is with the price of limes these days?!

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Curry Night

I love making curry.  It’s an easy dinner that you can throw together for your family using practically anything you have on hand.  For this curry I used a can of chick peas, roughly 1 cup of green lentils & a bag of frozen shrimp.  I threw it all into a simmering pot of minced onions, garlic, ginger, jalapeño, hot curry paste, chicken stock, tomato sauce & coconut milk.  I’m not by any means making traditional curry here…I could never do it justice.  But my family and I really enjoyed this!

We have mint growing at an insane rate in our garden so my sister made this yummy mint chutney. (Click for the recipe we roughly used).

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1(Apologies for these less than fabulous photos.
We were hungry so I quickly snapped these on my phone!)

As you may have already been able to tell.  I am not one for recipes.  Once and awhile I will look something up but I basically just do whatever the hell I want.



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Easy Dinner

My sister is moving!  She got a real estate marketing job.  (Thankfully it’s only a 6 month contract!)  I don’t know what I will do without her so close by.  She has always been so supportive and ever since I had my baby girl she’s been so amazing and helpful.  She’s staying with us for a few days before she abandons me and we’ve been having lots of cooking fun.  Everyone in my family likes to eat!

For dinner tonight we had greek salad, raspberries, cashews, and couscous.  Very yummy! Especially because we have been eating a lot of meat ever since BBQ season started up.

I used to make couscous all the time in university but only recently started making it again.  It is so easy!!  Students and Moms will especially like this because you can make it quickly in the microwave.  It seriously takes 5 minutes to make! In the photo, I just threw some olive oil, sage, savoury and thyme (the only random herbs I have in my garden) while it was cooking.


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Vietnamese Noodle Bowl

Had the most amazing Vietnamese vermicelli noodle bowl tonight.  Mmmm grilled lemon grass chicken, noodles & veggies covered in chilli oil.  It was incredible.  Trust me.  There isn’t any evidence to prove it though.


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Today my husband grabbed our baby girl & Schnoodle pup and headed East.  They visited my husband’s parents while I stayed back and enjoyed a day off.  I had my best friend and sister over for brunch.  I just got a waffle iron and was so excited to try it!

Yummm.  Mimosas didn’t hurt either.


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Easy Breakfast

Sometimes all you need is fruit. But always coffee.


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Mother’s Day!

This year I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day! I had an incredible day with my family. To top it all off my baby girl said her first word…”Mama!”. Are you kidding me? It couldn’t have been more perfect.

But as always, breakfast set the tone for what was to be a great day. And how better to do that than with, none other than, crepes.

Like most of the things I cook…I started by taking a look at

This batter will do the trick.  Adjust it as you please. 🙂


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