Cider, cider, cider!

I never used to be a cider drinker but I am trying to like beer and thought cider would be a good gateway beverage. 🙂 I’ve really come to like Ward’s Picker’s Hut cider which is made right here in B.C. (in Kelowna).  It has definitely become my summer go to beverage.

I used to really like Somersby Cider but I stopped drinking it because it became too sweet for me.  However, last weekend when my husband and I were on the Island our very clever waitress (Annie at Bard & Banker in Victoria, B.C.) suggested adding a shot of Jameson whisky to it.  Brilliant!  It was so tasty and made it taste dryer.  Somersby and Jameson should totally do some sort of cross promotion marketing (and I want a cut – I’m sure Annie does too).


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