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Nom nom nom crab cakes

I got these killer crab cakes in my S.P.U.D delivery this week. They are from Daily Catch in Vancouver and they were tasty, tasty, tasty!! I’m not usually someone who has a lot of pre-prepared food in the house. But…I am pretty sure I’ll be ordering these again. They took practically no time to cook and made for a pretty gourmet lunch.



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BBQ Bruschetta

Tonight for dinner my hubby and I made bruschetta on the BBQ. First time we’ve ever tried that! It turned out great and we only burned a few pieces of baguette.



Instead of mozzarella we used this delicious cheese called Hot Jill from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks that we got from the farmer’s market this morning.

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Red Fish Blue Fish

My husband and I went to Victoria last weekend to visit my sister, friends and to see The Original Wailers.  It was an awesome weekend!

And after years of waiting I finally ate at Red Fish Blue Fish.  It was so delicious! If you are ever in Victoria …YOU NEED TO GO HERE!!  There is practically always a line up but certainly worth the wait.


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We feaster on grilled oyster tacos, ahi tuna tacos, seafood jerk poutine and halibut fish and chips!  This was a glorious meal!  My husband and I decided that it is now a mandatory stop anytime we are in Victoria.  Yummm yumm!


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Today is the day!  I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!!! My best friend, Sherina, and her boyfriend, Aaron, are coming over and we are going to have an EPIC lobster/crab/shell fish lunch.  I am a huge seafood slut.  Yaaaa  I said it.  But seriously… I don’t understand people who don’t like seafood and frankly, I don’t want to.

My father’s side of the family are French.  My maiden name is Laporte…”the door”.  (I’ve probably heard all the jokes but give it a shot! Haha.)  Anyways, I had always dreamed of going to France and after I married my now husband, Adam, he took me there for our honeymoon. It was incredible!  I loved it!  I practically ate any and all seafood in sight.  It’s true what they say…the key to great cooking is BUTTER!  I plan to put this lesson into use today.

I’ll be posting photos tonight! 

Happy Saturday. 


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