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I’m Back!

I’ve neglected my blog for TOO LONG! But I really do have a good excuse… I had another baby! Eleanor is now 1 and Audrey is 2.5 and I finally feel like I have my feet back under me.

This last year we have been getting by on the basics. With two tiny children trying new foods for the first time (one who only now has 6 teeth) I like to keep it simple. We’ve mostly been eating scrambled eggs, yogurt, fruit smoothies, toast, roast chicken, salad, rice and avocados…lots of avocados! I don’t remember making anything that was blog worth. I was generally impressed with myself just for getting out of bed and adulting everyday.

My kids don’t like spicy foods (yet). Audrey does keep dipping her little fingers in sriracha and then bravely licking it off. Moments later I usually find her guzzling down some milk. But I 100% appreciate that kind of commitment to trying something new. Plus, since the menu has been so bland & boring I was really excited to make some homemade kimchi & kraut [see next post for details/recipe].


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Port Coquitlam Show & Shine

Today me and my fam jam hit up the Port Coquitlam Show & Shine and envied all the cool, classic cars.  Apparently I am a Chevrolet girl.  I loved all the Corvettes!

But what the heck PoCo…where were all the pin-up girls!?  I would have loved to pose beside some of these babies!  IMG_0881.JPG


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Another Day, Another Outfit

Today I am wearing my favourite jeans…Second Clothing Co. YOGA jeans.  They are so comfortable and 100% Canadian made.  Can’t beat that!  The top is super comfy but I don’t know that much about it…my Aunty Sally gave it to my Mom, who gave it to me.  IMG_0883.JPG


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Homemade Dog Food

Stella is my family’s Miniature Schnauzer X Poodle.  She’s only three years old but she’s been sick off and on for her entire life.  I don’t even want to know how much I have spent on veterinary bills!!

This past Easter we were at my in-laws place and Stella urinated blood on their carpet! I was so freaked out.  I rushed her to the vet and she had a series of tests, X-rays, and ultimately a surgery on her bladder to remove struvite crystals and stones.  A thousand dollars or so later…Stella was finally recovering but we were told she would have to be on a special food (Urinary SO) for the rest of her life.  This didn’t sit well with me.  I didn’t believe that the food was meeting her nutritional needs.

I battled with many vets.  All of them said no to homemade dog food.  (I do believe they were trying to help but I don’t know how much they learn about actual dog nutrition in school).  Anyhow, after hours and hours of research I thought – fuck it – I’m going for it.  Today, Stella has been on homemade dog food for almost 2 months and she is doing great!

She hasn’t had any fur discolouration (which she always got on her paws and ears), or infections of any kind.  I also regularly test her urine with pH strips just to be sure.

If you are interested in recipes for your dog…let me know!

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Vancouver Chinatown Festival, Golden Dumpling Cook Off & Dumpling Derby 2014

This past weekend some of our family and friends went downtown for the 2014 Vancouver Chinatown Festival, Golden Dumpling Cook Off & Dumpling Derby.  It was so much fun.  My husband and I got the “dumpling passports” which allowed us to sample twenty different dumplings from a variety of Vancouver restaurants.  There were Asian, Italian, Mexican and even Indian inspired dumplings.


I even got to meet Chef Vikram from Vij’s (a popular Vancouver Indian restaurant).


My husband, Adam, was a trooper and also tried to compete in the dumpling derby (a 2 minute all you can eat dumpling competition).  Needless to say, he didn’t win.  His strategy of prepping for the competition by sampling 20 dumplings prior didn’t really pay off. Haha!  However, he still looked awfully cute in his dumpling bib.IMG_0654-0.JPG



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Wish list


I’m such a sucker for kitchen gadgets! How cute is this Cherry Chomper?!

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Don’t be shy…

…comment and say hi. 🙂  I’d love to hear from you!


Random..but what the heck is with the price of limes these days?!

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