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Nom nom nom crab cakes

I got these killer crab cakes in my S.P.U.D delivery this week. They are from Daily Catch in Vancouver and they were tasty, tasty, tasty!! I’m not usually someone who has a lot of pre-prepared food in the house. But…I am pretty sure I’ll be ordering these again. They took practically no time to cook and made for a pretty gourmet lunch.



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Red Fish Blue Fish

My husband and I went to Victoria last weekend to visit my sister, friends and to see The Original Wailers.  It was an awesome weekend!

And after years of waiting I finally ate at Red Fish Blue Fish.  It was so delicious! If you are ever in Victoria …YOU NEED TO GO HERE!!  There is practically always a line up but certainly worth the wait.


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We feaster on grilled oyster tacos, ahi tuna tacos, seafood jerk poutine and halibut fish and chips!  This was a glorious meal!  My husband and I decided that it is now a mandatory stop anytime we are in Victoria.  Yummm yumm!


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Seafood Extravaganza

The lobster, crab, clams, mussels, and spot prawns were all amazing.  In B.C. spot prawns are in season right now and so freaking delicious.  We cooked everything in sautéed onions, fennel, garlic, a few dried chillies and in a generous amount of butter and white wine.  Amazing!

Chicka chicka ya ya

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We all had a lot of fun cooking outside.  I definitely recommend this to those who are tiered of the regular burger and bratwurst BBQ scene.  (Though…burgers and brats are pretty damn delicious too!)

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Shut the fuck up!!!

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I also made a pitcher of mojitos (seen drinking below).  I just threw in a bunch of mint from my garden, a few teaspoons of white sugar, white rum, lemon juice (LIMES ARE TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE!!),  and soda water. Easy peasy!  Drink your hearts out.

Mojito o'clock

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Happy Saturday!



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